Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Brownsville was organized on August 31, 1911 with five members.  It was the first Baptist Church in the Brownsville area (a sub-division just west of the city of Miami).  The original structure was built on land donated by the Brown's family and is located at 2799 Northwest 46th (Rev. James W. Stepherson) Street, Miami, Florida.  The facility was built in 1966 under the leadership of the late Rev. James Washington Stepherson. It features a 450 seat sanctuary, a dining hall, and moderate Christian Education facility.
It is our quest that every member of Antioch will recognize, accept and fully develop their God-given gift(s). Moved by the power of His Spirit and guided by the power of His Word, we will use our gift(s) to impact the moral, educational, economic, social, and political systems of the community. By transforming them and bringing them under the Dominion of the Kingdom of Christ.

In keeping with Christ’s commission found in Matthew 28: 18 - 20, we as His ambassadors, commit ourselves to “Transform people by the aid of the Holy Spirit into mature disciples of Christ.”
Here at Antioch, our values...

  • Direct our decisions about ministry.
  • Determine our priorities in each of eleven key relationships.
  • Define our understanding of the biblical purposes of the church.

Our Values Are:

1.  Biblical Guidance - We worship God and Him alone.  We allow the Bible to define beliefs and behaviors that we embrace.

2.  Spiritual Growth - We encourage life-long spiritual growth among our members. The Christian life is a journey from one level of maturity to another with the ultimate goal being full surrender to Christ in every area of life.

3.  Prayerful Dependence - We request God’s involvement in our lives through personal, family, and congregational prayer.

4.  Life-Oriented Teaching - We emphasize the relevance of the Bible to real life issues when we teach so that people know “how” to honor God in their everyday activities.

5.  Outreach to Non-christians - We value relationships with pre-christians and seek to serve them in practical ways.

6.  Gracious Acceptance - We embrace all who come to our church regardless of racial, cultural, educational, political, or economic differences.  We also embrace those with life controlling challenges.

7.  Supportive Relationships - We promote mutually encouraging relationships among our members. Loving, healthy relationships provide the ideal environment for spiritual transformation to take place.

8.  Multi-Generational Ministry - We structure ministries to meet the needs of each generation.  Mature adults, young adults, youth, and children all need ministries that address their specific needs.

9.  Unique Giftedness of Each Person - We acknowledge that God has given each person different gifts, passions, and skills so we encourage our members to serve God in ways that fit their unique design.

10. Community Service - We share the love of Christ with our community through developing ministries that target specific needs of the disenfranchised.

11. Excellence and Innovation - We pursue creative ways to serve God by utilizing the latest technology in all we do.
Our Pastor is Rev. Larrie M. Lovett, II.  He has been our shepherd since 1995.  Pastor Lovett’s ministry provides innovative scriptural preaching and teaching in both a traditional and contemporary context.  He began his ministry at the age of 16 at Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago, Illinois under the leadership of Dr. Donald L. Parson.  He has a distinguished military career where his preaching has touched many lives both home and abroad.  But, his most outstanding characteristics is his love of God, family, and people.

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